How to Buy EVER?

To get involved with the Everscale ecosystem, chances are you’re going to need to get your hands on some EVER. The native token of Everscale is available through several means, so simply select the best option for you!

Centralized exchanges

A centralized exchange (otherwise known as a CEX), is a trading platform which is owned and controlled by a centralized entity.

When exchanging on a centralized exchange, you must consider the KYC procedure, which involves verifying your identity. Therefore, the comments on the exchange will indicate whether KYC is required or will indicate the amount from which KYC must be completed.

DEX FlatQube

If you prefer to control the assets yourself, decentralized exchanges — DEXes — use smart contracts which do not transfer assets to intermediaries. In this case, the rate is set using the algorithms embedded in the application.

To date, only DEX FlatQube provides the ability to exchange WEVER for tokens of other blockchains. In order to use FlatQube, you need to install Ever Wallet. All pairs of tokens available for DEX exchange can be viewed at the link.

An important note — on the DEX, you are not trading the native Everscale token itself, but the wrapped version — WEVER. To further exchange WEVER for EVER, visit On this site, you can wrap EVER into WEVER for later use on FlatQube.

Ever Surf

A very convenient way to buy EVER with a credit card is available in EVER Surf, another popular Everscale app that combines the features of a wallet, chat room and DApps launch environment.

In the app, clicking on the “Buy” button takes you to the EVER buying service provided by one of Surf’s partners. When it comes to buying tokens over $300, you will need to go through the KYC procedure. When it comes to a smaller amount — the self-identification procedure is not required.

For more information on how to buy EVER in Surf, please follow the link.

You can also buy EVER for rubles by using this converter:

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