What makes grandbazar different from other NFT marketplaces?

First of all, it’s a multi-format marketplace — tokenization is possible for both digital and real art objects. You can mint digital art, videos, animation and connect them to physical objects if you need.

The platform runs on the Everscale blockchain, which in particular provides a high transaction speed and payments in EVER.

Grandbazar is affordable for authors — platform commission is only 3% processing fee for all subsequent sales on the marketplace.

Another important advantage of  GrandBazar is the Lunchpad section. We help artists and creators of interesting collections (beautiful design, impressive utilities) by placing such collections at the Lunchpad section of GrandBazar.

We care a lot about legal transparency and make clear statements on Rights and Responsibilities for the community members. And about cybersecurity: we provide reliable protection against account hacking, data theft, and the artwork itself.