What is an NFT?

NFTs prove that you own a unique digital asset. It can be art, music, videos or anything else. NFT is a non-fungible token, in other words — NFTs are digital certificates of authenticity.

When you buy a physical painting, you know it’s real because you see the artist’s signature on the corner of the picture. Somebody can make a photo of this picture or scan it, but it doesn't mean they will own it. The only one owner is you. Before NFTs appeared, digital assets were like photocopies:

Everyone can see who posted it, but nobody knows who owns an original post, Pinterest Pin or Reddit meme. NFTs are like a signature for digital items. Like a physical certificate, they show

  • Who created an NFT
  • Who own an NFT
  • When this NFT was created
  • Who bought an NFT
  • The prices history

Blockchain is decentralized and public, anyone can check each of your items from the original creator and the all way to your wallet to verify its authenticity

Holding digital items  is more than “good that i have it”, hobby or a stamp collection. NFT can unlock some kind of hidden experiences, invitation to an exclusive club or community, or even give you access to software products.