What makes a great NFT offering?

Before creating a successful NFT or successful NFT collection you should pay attention to several important aspects.

Unique concept

First of all, you must create a concept and carefully think about your NFT's history in detail. It doesn't matter if it's a large NFT collection or one single item, which blockchain will you use. Often, a beautiful story can sell your NFT itself. An example is one of the most successful NFT collections — BAYC, whose creators were successful in creating a closed elite club, and they were one of the first teams who did it.

A good example of selling one individual item would be the sale of the  "Disaster Girl" meme in the NFT format. This meme was bought mostly because of its unique history and the fact that Zoe Roth (the meme's author) personally put it on sale.

Bored Ape #6723


Another important aspect is the Utilities of your NFT. Some would say this is the most important and that would certainly be true. The days of buying NFTs just because they are NFTs are gone and now every NFT must have some significant added value. It could be admission to a private club, part of a P2E game, access to additional features.

A great example of a utility NFT is the GB Merchants Collection, the ownership of which gives a number of advantages when you engaging with the GrandBazar, such as:

— Airdrop of our upcoming marketplace token — GBT.
Remember, more Merchants you own, more GBT tokens you will receive
— Access to the whitelists of premium collections from the Launchpad section
— Badges on your Grandbazar profile
— Reduce Service fees

Merchant NFT #0160


An extremely important factor is design. Your NFTs should catch the eye and stand out from others. The design can be simple and clear, like the original, pixel-based cryptopunks, or it can be original 2D animation, such as Invisible Friend's, or 3D NFT like Merchant NFTs. The most important thing is that your NFT is something to brag about in front of the entire NFT community.

Sometimes the creators of a collection deliberately create an ugly design of the collection in order to cause more hype around collection. Such as happened with the goblntown.wtf collection

Invisible Friends #4107 


Don't miss this point when building your NFT or collection. You need to think ahead about the marketing that will ultimately lead you to sold-out. A great option is to analyze the marketing strategies of NFT collections that have had a sold out. Take the best ideas and strategies and improve them to eventually sell your item or collection.

Strong community

A strong community is a very important step in building an NFT collection and promoting your product.

A community is a place where loyal customers gather and communicate with each other and with the brand: social networks, a forum, a club. The community demonstrates brand loyalty at its best, because users are interested in the NFT collection or single item: they are willing to buy it, tell their friends and family about the NFTs. You can ask them how to improve the product, share blog posts, and collect feedback regularly.

You don't need to create a community from scratch - your audience is already scattered across social networks, all that's left is to gather it together, build connections and create an atmosphere so that users can connect with each other. You just need to build a big new house and bring them all together.


At every step of creating an NFT or Collection, ask yourself the questions: Why should anyone buy this NFT? Or "What's new in this NFT, how is it different from thousands of other NFTs?

Have a great collection!