How do i report an NFT, collection, user on Grandbazar?

We want to make sure that our users are safe from scammers and harmful content. Please review the following information if in the case that you are faced a situation in which you would like to ensure that GrandBazar reviews a specific token, user, or collection.

What are examples that qualify for a report:

— Stolen art. For example, you found out that item or collection that was minted on GrandBazar was stolen from another collection or artist. Make a report with proofs, we will do research, and after this send you a response.

— Hate-speech in item or description of item.

— Phishing or scam links in description of items.

— Harmful art. If someone minted a harmful item, with porno, or violent content please contact us.

All reports are reviewed by our moderators and will be checked in several days.

How do I make a report?

Open GrandBazar and click on resources, then click on feedback

Or follow this link directly: GrandBazar official feedback

You can also send a report in one of our social media: