What is Multiple Mint?

Multiple Minting is the process of minting the same item multiple times. This happens when the data is the same but the number of tokens is more than one. The user calls the collection contract once, passing the data for the item, including the desired quantity, price, title, and description. The collection contract recursively calls itself as many times as the user needs. If a price is specified, control of the item is temporarily given to our proxy contract, which automatically puts each item up for sale. The user does not need to put each item up for sale individually.

This feature should make life easier for users and allow them to use more complex mechanics in their collections.

Let's try to figure this out using an example.

1. Upload the file

2. Put it up for sale (or not)

2.1 Indicate the cost of each item

3. Put the number of copies

4. Choose a collection

You can read how to create your own collection in the article.

5. Enter a title

6. Enter a description

7. Set up royalties

8. Choose to hide the item (or not)