Why i can't MINT NFT?

If you can't MINT the NFT , we recommend you to check the following solutions of the problem:
1. Check the balance on your cryptocurrency wallet. You will need 2.1 EVER on your balance to MINT NFT on GrandBazar. Here you can read an easy guide on how to buy EVER.
2. If you use the EVER Wallet, check the network you choose .

Also check did you have deploy your wallet.

3. If you are trying to MINT an NFT via Eversurf wallet, unfortunately at the moment minting NFT via Eversurf is not available, use Everspace wallet or the desktop version of th Ever wallet.
4. You can also check in our chat are there any technical works on the marketplace at the moment.
5. If all of the above methods did not help, then write to our technical support, the specialists will solve the problem as soon as possible.