Grandbazar official

Grandbazar official

Terms i should know before the start

NFT — is as non fungible token. NFTs prove that you

How the real e-mail message from GB looks like?

If you received an email from GrandBazar, firstly check the

Why i can't MINT NFT?

If you can't MINT the NFT , we recommend you to

How to install Everspace wallet?

Download Everspace 1. Download and install Everspace app on GooglePlay

How to install EVER Wallet?

Download Ever Wallet 1. Open Google Chrome web store and

What is TIP-4 NFT standard?

July 12, GrandBazar is completely switching to the new NFT

How to check GrandBazar's statistics?

If you want to che GrandBazar's statistics, such as total

What is Rewards?

One of the features available only for Merchant NFT holders

What makes a great NFT offering?

Before creating a successful NFT or successful NFT collection you

How can I collaborate with Grandbazar?

If you want to collaborate with GrandBazar or have any